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Our Mission

To reduce and eliminate foot related problems and promote foot comfort and health through the introduction of medically proven and technologically advanced shoe inserts.

The man behind the product

the_manDr. Tibor Philipp was born in 1958 near Budapest, Hungary, where he also spent his childhood. As a boy he developed a passion for sports such as wrestling, swimming, rowing, and martial arts. In addition, he possessed a keen fascination with nature and animals in particular.

Driven by his inventive spirit from an early age, Philipp studied the intuitive behavior of certain animals, copying their anatomical movements in order to enhance his own performance in competitive sports. These formative studies eventually drew him away from his original plan to become a veterinarian. His interests gravitated instead toward human medicine, and in 1984 he earned a medical degree in Hungary, specializing in sport science and cell biology.

Dr. Philipp quickly rose through the ranks of his profession, working his way up from assistant doctor to the Department Chair of a Renommiert clinic in Germany. He earned certification as an orthopedist alongside his work performing general, trauma, and reconstructive surgery. He ran his own orthopedic practice in Germany for ten years, treating numerous well-known personalities from the world of politics, economics, and culture. Meanwhile, Dr. Philipp established a rehabilitation and fitness center in Stuttgart, Germany.

He worked with a wide range of patients, guiding them through difficult and painful periods of recovery. He also trained professional athletes, dancers, and models, using his interdisciplinary fields of expertise to maximize the performance levels of his clients.

At the outset of his career, Dr. Philipp advised his patients to avoid health-damaging habits, a natural stance given his formal medical training. Eventually, he came to believe that such austerity could restrict one from experiencing many of life’s pleasures, thus diminishing one’s “zest for life.” As a result of this epiphany, he began to focus on solutions for the many health issues surrounding the wearing of high heel shoes, which led to a decade of extensive studies. He equipped a state of the art research center and began to analyze as much existing data as possible. He created new data by examining patients, observing damaged feet as well as healthy ones. Over time, utilizing his analysis of the natural and dynamic motion of the human foot, he developed a revolutionary line of high heel insoles for women of all ages: the PediCloud.

With the introduction of the PediCloud insole, Dr. Philipp has drawn upon years of dedicated study and experience to offer a truly special product, one that saves women from being forced to choose between healthy feet and fashion. Today, Dr. Philipp continues to work diligently toward the creation and development of products that help narrow the divide between health and lifestyle.