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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do PediCloud inserts work for everyone?

    Yes – our unique design is suitable for women of all ages, sizes, and activity levels.

    When and how do PediCloud inserts work?

    Our revolutionary cushioning system will make an immediate difference in your comfort level as well as help prevent future problems caused by wearing high heels. Don’t wait until your feet are sore – use them right away to avoid discomfort and keep that spring in your step.

    What type of shoes work best with PediCloud inserts?

    Although designed to address issues associated with high heels, PediCloud inserts work well with many types of shoes, including flats, boots, and sandals.

    Will I need a larger size shoe to accommodate PediCloud inserts?

    No, provided that you are wearing a properly-sized shoe that is not too small or tight to begin with. PediCloud offers superior cushioning with much less bulkiness than many other products on the market.

    What’s the correct placement of PediCloud insert in the shoe?

    Place the insert ripple-side up in the area of the shoe where the ball of your foot rests. You may need to adjust the location to find your perfect comfort level. Like your shoes, PediCloud inserts come in left and right foot. Detailed instructions are also included on the product box.

    Can PediCloud inserts be used in my boots?

    PediCloud can be used in most boots. Although, if the insoles of your boot are fur-lined, it might affect the ability of the PediCloud to remain in place.

    Do PediCloud inserts work if I wear stockings?

    Absolutely! PediCloud inserts work great with stockings, tights, socks, as well as barefoot.

    What if I have different sized feet?

    Not a problem. PediCloud is effective as long as your shoes fit properly.

    I use lotion on my feet, is this a problem when using PediCloud inserts?

    Not at all! Just wait a few moments after applying lotion and you are ready to go!

    Are PediCloud inserts hypoallergenic?

    Yes – PediCloud inserts are designed by a physician to be hypoallergenic, as well as having antiseptic properties.

    Are PediCloud Inserts harmful if ingested?

    Although not poisonous, we recommend keeping your PediCloud inserts away from pets and small children to avoid the possibility of ingestion and choking.

    Are there shoe cleaners that are not recommended to come in contact with PediCloud inserts?

    PediCloud inserts can be left in when cleaning the outside of the shoe but we recommend removing them before cleaning the inside of the shoe.

    How do I remove PediCloud inserts?

    Gently peel away the PediCloud inserts from the inside of the shoe and store them in a clean place to prevent dust and dirt from getting on the adhesive side of the inserts.

    What’s the recommended method of cleaning my PediCloud inserts?

    Gently wash your PediCloud inserts with warm water and a mild, non-detergent soap. Allow them to air dry with the adhesive side up.