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Why Pedicloud?

Fact: Countless numbers of women of all ages endure pain, discomfort, and deformities of the foot as a result of wearing high-heeled shoes. Other unfortunate symptoms include back problems, nerve damage, blood circulations problems, and unsightly calluses in the stress zones of the forefoot. As a result, a vast demand currently exists for a shoe insolate that will truly work toward alleviating these common conditions. The exciting news for consumers and retailers alike is that such a product has been developed and is ready for introduction into the marketplace!

Dr. Philipp is proud to announce the introduction of the PediCloud™, an amazing new shoe insole that provides a superior level of comfort and protection for women.


Dr. Philipp’s PediCloud™ is sure appeal to vast, diverse consumer base: a demographic comprised of women of all ages who are searching the marketplace for a practical solution to a common problem. Consumer demand and desire for a product such as the PediCloud™ is undoubtedly high, due to the large number of women who suffer from wearing high-heeled shoes, as well as those who avoid heels altogether out of fear resulting from negative past experiences.

The creation of this incomparable forefoot insole follows more than three years of scientific research and development, including extensive review of medical, orthopedic, and sports science conclusions involving over 6800 patients.

Dr. Philipp’s PediCloud™
is a truly revolutionary innovation. It will not only help those who currently experience any number of maladies as a result of wearing high-heeled shoes, but will also aid in the prevention of conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, restricted circulation, and deformations. Extensive testing under a wide range of criteria and settings has proven the therapeutic and preventative benefits of the PediCloud™. Put simply, it really works!

Extensive testing under a wide range of criteria and settings has proven the therapeutic and preventative benefits of the PediCloud™

Benefits for your feet

• Superior cushioning and shock absorption

• No slipping inside the shoe

• Helps prevent foot deformities such as hammer toes and bunions

• Protects spine and joints

• Lessens callus formation

• Reduces perspiration

• Stimulates foot’s reflexology zones

• Invisible, even in strappy heels

• Antiseptic

• Hypoallergenic

• Washable

Customer reviews


“The PediClouds keep my feet in the right part of the shoe so that they stay comfortable all day.”

LynnPhoenix, AZ

“My lower back has felt so much better since I started using the pedicloud from Dr. Philipp’s!”

AmyShreveport, LA

“These are great! My feet have never felt so good at the end of the day!”

NatoshaHuntsville, AL

“The ONLY high heel insert I’ve tried, that actually works!!”

NicoleChicago, IL

“The PediClouds are very comfortable and help me make it through the day in comfort.”

MariaHouston, TX

“The PediCloud has made wearing high heels a lot more comfortable.”

RhondaNashville, TN